Whistleblower Complaint Form

Do not use this form to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

School Group has established a confidential reporting procedure primarily for reporting fraud, corruption, accounting and auditing matters.

However, if there is any reason to believe there has been a violation of the Code of Conduct, any policy, or law, or if an individual has witnessed what is believed to be illegal or unethical behavior, a member of the School Group community must report it promptly.

Anyone filing a complaint must be acting in good faith. You are protected from retaliation or reprisal if you honestly make a report.

Violations or suspected violations may be reported on a confidential basis or may be submitted anonymously. We encourage members of the School Group community to add their names to allegations, because appropriate follow-up questions and investigation may require more detailed information. However, individuals who prefer anonymity may voice concerns anonymously.

Please keep in mind, a complaint can be sent by email to whistleblower@r-tours.com. If you intend to submit it anonymously, be sure that your email signature, email address, etc. don’t reveal your identity.

Don’t upload any files below if you want to submit a complaint anonymously.

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